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At Front Row Meats, it’s our mission to provide you with the highest quality meat available. That's why our meat is sourced exclusively from local farmers who use sustainable farming practices to raise their animals.

In simplest terms, sustainable farming is the production of plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.  This means that all of our meat comes from animals pasture-raised in a humane, ecologically sustainable manner, and fed foods that nature intended them to eat, rather than being fattened on a feedlot or in a confined facility. 

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Daylon "Nachito" Teel

A natural-born Hooker in his rugby career, Nachito enjoys long walks to break down the meats. Nachito grew up in Pleasanton, TX (near San Antonio) and moved to San Diego in 2003 where he worked as a Wildlife Biologist for a local environmental firm.


In 2013, a change of pace was in order; Nachito was accepted to a 3-year butcher apprenticeship at T&E Meats in Harrisonburg, VA where he earned his Virginia Butcher Journeyman Card.  T&E set the foundation for Nachito’s butchery prowess: herding animals (cow, pigs, sheep, goats) into the barn and slaughterhouse, handling kill-floor tasks (knocking, skinning, gutting, washing, and weighing), breaking down whole carcasses and packaging cuts specified by each customer.  Nachito’s education also included learning the intricacies of our planetary food-web, food safety, and specifically the meat industry complex and how current processes effect local farmers and communities.


Once a journeyman, Nachito expanded his retail butcher skills at JM Stock Provisions in Charlottesville, VA. At Stock, Nachito learned how to utilize the entire animal from “snout to tail:” breaking the animal down into smaller retail cuts, making sausage, smoked hams, charcuterie, stocks and broths, and educating customers with special meat orders, recipe suggestions, and advice regarding quantity and preparation.  


As Head Butcher of Front Row Meats, he brings a no-nonsense attitude to hospitality and has the experience to get you what you need!

Daylon "Nachito" Teel

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Adam "Bacon" Kreutter

Having been a Prop in his rugby career, it's only fitting that he'd team up with Daylon to form Front Row Meats.  Bacon grew up in Rochester, NY (near Canada), and his active duty time in the Navy eventually landed him in San Diego.

His grandfather was a Farm Veterinarian, and before that, he comes from a lineage of farmers who did business locally in Upstate NY.  As the Business Guy, you'll find him running the back-end side of the business and as an assistant to Daylon in the shop. 

Adam "Bacon" Kreutter

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