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Take Care of Your Body with Sustainable Farming

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase before, but has it sunk in yet? Are you paying attention? Close enough attention to make a change?

You only get one body.

You know this but knowing it and doing something about it are two very different things. Simply put, it’s important to protect our bodies, and the best way to do that is by paying attention to what we put in them.

At Front Row Meats, we have a mission: to provide you with the highest-quality meat available. The highest-quality meats are a direct result of sustainable farming. The benefits of sustainable farming are endless, including helping you take the best possible care of your one body.

The Benefits of Sustainable Farming

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), sustainable agriculture frequently encompasses a wide range of production practices, both conventional and organic. Additionally, a regionally integrated system of plant and animal production practices is designed to produce long-term results, such as the production of sufficient human food, feed, fiber, and fuel to meet the needs of a sharply rising population.

What does this mean, exactly?

To break it down, sustainable farming is the production of plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. Yes, sustainable farming is a win-win technique across the board. The specific benefits of this type of farming include:

· No GMOs

· More Nutrition

· More Flavor

· Resistance to Pests and Diseases

· Healthier Environment for Farmers

· An Increase Production for Human Food and Fiber Needs

Front Row Meats is proud to share that all of our meat comes from animals pasture-raised in a humane, ecologically sustainable manner, and fed food that nature intended them to eat, rather than being fattened on a feedlot or in a confined facility.

When you choose our meat, you’re choosing to put better meat into your body. You’re choosing to take care of your body.

Additionally, our meat is sourced exclusively from local farmers who use sustainable farming practices to raise their animals.

Need more reasons to choose a company that supports sustainable farming, a company like Front Row Meats? We offer the following:

· 100 Percent Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb

· Heritage Pork

· Pasture-Raised Chicken

Additionally, all of our meats are:

· Humanely-Handled by local farmers

· Non-GMO

· Antibiotic-Free

That's not just now, at this moment—that's always. We have always believed in and supported local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods, and we always will.

Start Taking Care of Yourself Today

Think of it this way: You get one body, and if you don’t take care of that one body, then who will?

Sure, there are myriad ways to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and one of those ways is paying close attention to what you put in your body. If you have questions about sustainable farming or the products we offer at Front Row Meats, call us at (619) 832-2093.

We offer a variety of products, and our team would love to take care of your meat needs today!



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